Wow, 4 weeks have flown by!  While exciting, I am still struggling at times.  I believe this can be the greatest life changer for anyone that can put in the time required.  Yes, my life is worth it, but I still keep cycling through ups and downs and struggling to find the time to do all my readings.  I’m working on improving every day though.

As I work to finalize my DMP, I find that I’ve been lying to myself about why I have not been working my business.  I thought it was all the time spent with my family, but in actuality, I am using them as an excuse, when the real issue is either my lack of belief in my abilities, or am I not motivated enough?  I’m working through this question this week during my sit.

Boy, oh boy, HABITS….do I have some bad, non self serving habits that I need to kick to the curb!  I am working daily on changing those, and 6 months from now, I suspect I will be able to paint a better picture regarding my habits!!!!

So until next week….i’ll be working on my habits, my cards and my reading!!!




It’s been a struggle at times, but I am feeling a responsibility to do the things I said I would do, to tackle those readings 3 times a day, especially knowing it is changing my life for the better.

There have been times in the past week, that I felt so overwhelmed, but thanks to a wonderful new friend of mine who is also going through the program, Lisa Domingo, I was able to work through the situation and come out feeling better and stronger than ever!

Habits….boy do I have some habits that are not serving me well and I look forward to replacing those habits with new habits that will serve me and move me to my new life!!

The later part of this week seems to be manifesting some slight changes, changes that are very exciting and I’m sure are the beginning of what this program is about!!

Still crafting my DMP, it’s a work in progress.  But what a task…decide what you want in life so that you can make it happen!     That’s hardly something you can be sure about in 3 weeks, but sure feels good to know that I am on the path to define and build the life of my dreams.

The week has been a struggle to meet all my requirements, I had a 4 day live stream event I attended, therefore a few deadlines were missed.  I am working on never missing a deadline as I always keep my promises.  And the biggest reason to meet my requirements, is that this program is amazing and am super excited about the future.


Week 2 has me maybe even a little more overwhelmed, mainly because wordpress is not something I’m familiar with, and don’t quite have the time to dig into it. But I will carry on….

The program on the other hand I am fascinated and loving it. Life is busy, I have not been able to do all the reading HOWEVER that changes today!! This is the KEY to the program working and the key to my success!!!

So excited about where this is all going. I have my DMP, my Darhma defined and now know how to move along my path in this journey.

I know that I have a ton of work to do, but I know that I am worth it, and that my DMP is worth it.

Met my guide via email, and appreciate her sooo much. The entire staff is wonderful, supportive, helpful and quite knowledgeable.

Today I’m struggling with everything, questioning myself….trying to stay positive. What do I want, I thought I knew…life is funny.  I don’t know if it is me resisting change, or what is going on.  Confused. As I understand it, this sway of emotion is normal as my subconscious mind is wondering what the heck is going on. So after a brief meltdown, I feel strong again and am excited to continue the journey!!  Let’s shake the subby up!!!  Let’s get real and live it up!!  It’s time to live NOT EXIST!

Looking forward to Sundays lesson!!  In the meantime, it’s time to read again. I can see these reading becoming habit. Yes let’s bring on the GOOD habits!!!

Until week 3…keep going and DO IT NOW…DO IT NOWW…DO IT NOW!!!



As I sit here writing my first blog post EVER, I’m not going to let the feelings of being overwhelmed discourage me as I have embarked on a new journey of self-discovery, yes removing the concrete!!  The masterful Mark J and Fabulous Davene and all the other guides say DO NOT STRESS, just go with this and that my friends is what I am doing.

This is Day 2 of a timeless and wonderful journey into discovery!!  The beauty of this, THIS IS ALL ABOUT ME AND MY JOURNEY….there is no RIGHT or WRONG….only DISCOVERY!!   To think, there are people who don’t even know they need to take a journey like this ~~ that saddens my heart.

LIFE is what you make of it…each and every one of us make take responsibility for personal development – reaching higher and higher – figuring out how to be the best you.  Am I living my life true to myself, are you living your life true to yourself.  The answers to this question may change over the course of the next 26 weeks, and that is ok.  So very excited to see where this takes me…excited to document my journey.  It’s time I made a commitment to a better me, to learn to be in control of the things that matter.  We can only do the same behaviors over and over again for so long, before it’s time to say enough is enough…

As a friend told me, this is like taking a masters class on ME!!  Oh but I haven’t been in school for decades…can you teach an old dog new tricks?  Once I learn to blog and use twitter, you can never make that statement again!!

Challenge #1~ to work this into an already busy schedule, I am up for the challenge because I am worth it!!  Now to finish my DMP …not even sure I understand completely what to write…

In closing this week…while it all may be all a bit scary, thrilling, and a whole host of other emotions, it is going to be an investment in me….deep inside my soul…very surreal.